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Doing Agile Advertising

The evolution of advertising, from the 1900’s to today, and beyond.

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Doing Agile Advertising

This report is for you if:

  • You don’t know where to begin with all of the advertising options available
  • You are overwhelmed by trying to do everything well.
  • You don't have the right infrastructure in place to accomplish your marketing goals.

What you’ll learn in this report:

  • An overview of the evolution of advertising
  • Research regarding the modern advertising landscape
  • The importance of agility in advertising
  • How Popular Pays stays agile
  • Case studies for TV, social content, and TikTok campaigns

More about this report

Advertising has changed

We are not advertising in the same world we were 20 years or even 5 years ago.  With the rise of social media in the early 2000’s, advertising has rapidly become more complex and dynamic.  Brands must transform their approaches in order to remain relevant.  This report walks through the evolution of advertising from the 1900’s to today and beyond, while offering sage advice on how to become agile in advertising in order to stand out in this new era.

Set yourself up for success

The next era of advertising requires speed, agility, and authenticity to stand out amongst competitors.  While modern tools like technology and a creator economy help unlock these outputs, the advertising process itself must also shift in order to keep up with consumer demand.  Welcome to agile advertising.  This report will walk you through ways to adopt an agile approach to your advertising in order to be most effective in market.

Stand out in today’s rapidly changing media landscape with agile advertising

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